Washing hair with no shampoo


Is that even possible?

Yes, and it is simple and efficient.
A while ago I read an article on a blog by an American author – she described her experience of washing her hair without any shampoo. The text was completely unpretentious and simple – the lady and the members of her family were using this method for some time (several months) and they were all satisfied.

Why wash your hair with no shampoo?
Among others because we use more chemicals on a daily basis than it is safe for our health. Furthermore, there are few people nowadays (especially women) who do not treat their hair in this way or the other (dying, blow-drying, curling it or straightening it, etc).
If there is a good and efficient way of avoiding chemicals, why not?
In short, I was intrigued and I decided to try it out myself. Just for the record, my hair is shoulder-long, straight and prone to greasing. I also dye my hair. Apart from problems with grease I also have problems with combing hair afterwards. With no hair-conditioner this turns into a mission impossible. On the other hand conditioners are bad for greasy hair…

Some four months ago I started washing my hair with baking soda and rinsing it with warm water with the addition of apple cider vinegar. I am over the moon now!
I must confess I felt really odd when I started washing my hair this way. I had problems with the lack of foaming effect, but eventually my hair was clean and easy to handle. Now I am completely used to this procedure.
Baking soda is a gentle, slightly alkaline natural cleaning agent.

The procedure:

I put a tablespoon of baking soda into a jar (approximately of 3 dl in capacity) and add some warm water. Then I shake it well (the jar has a firm lid).
When the soda dissolves I apply the mixture gradually onto my hair, first to the areas harder affected by grease (scalp, behind the ears).
Then I rinse my hair with water. For the final rinse I use a wide plastic bowl. I pour in 1/2dl cider vinegar and warm water. I simply immerse my hair into the bowl and rinse it.
And that’s all! I have no troubles combing my hair afterwards, and my hair is soft and clean. And it does not smell of vinegar!

With time and practice you will figure out how much soda you need and what is the optimal ratio of vinegar and water for your hair. People with long thick hair will need more soda than those with short and/or thick hair.
Cider vinegar is acidic and neutralizes baking soda (it restores natural pH) and it also replaces hair-conditioner perfectly. If your hair greases fast you can use water and vinegar mixture for the hair tips only. Or try replacing vinegar with lemon juice. Permanently or occasionally.

At the beginning your hair may react in getting even greasier. Do not feel discouraged. This is a completely normal reaction of shampoo-accommodated hair. This may last up to two months, but the period can be significantly shorter. My hair took about two weeks to accommodate and it was no big deal for me. I asked a few friends of mine to try out this method for a while. They are all enthusiastic about it! And I am not overstating this. There are no problems with combing, the hair is clean, one of the friends even re-developed natural waviness of her hair, the hair is soft and easy to handle.
The procedure is suitable for children as well.
It will cost nothing if you try. Why wouldn’t you?

Antonija Plesa

“Closeup Of Women Showing Thumbs Up In Both Hands”- Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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