Valentine’s Day


The tradition of love..

Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine – 14 February.
The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day originates from the Roman times when the Roman Emperor Claudius I forbade his soldiers to marry in order to diminish their longing to stay at home instead of going to wars. Emperor’s orders had to be obeyed, but a priest called Valentine performed secret wedding ceremonies for couples who wanted to get married. The Emperor later found out about his clandestine activities, imprisoned him and then executed. Shortly after his death Valentine was proclaimed a saint, and the day of his death (14 February) has been celebrated as a festival of people in love.

There are other theories about the origin of Valentine’s Day. One says that the tradition of Valentine’s feast originates from pagan rites, whereas the others say that people in medieval times believed birds start mating on 14 February and thus the custom of sending Valentine’s cards. However the most likely theory is that the day commemorates a priest called Valentine.

The oldest card for Valentine’s Day was written by the Frenchman Charles, Duke of Orléans. The Duke allegedly wrote it to his wife during his imprisonment in England.
The symbol of Valentine’s Day and lovers is Roman god Cupid depicted while holding a bow and arrow. People believed whoever gets shot with his magic arrow they fall in love.
Millions of cards are sent in the world for Valentine’s Day. This is also the day when most flowers are sold.

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