Use of paper products


Such as napkins, paper towels, paper tissues…

Paper industry is the third industrial sector by its contribution to the global warming of our planet. Newspapers, magazines, used-up office paper and similar paper stationery is recycled up to a certain extent, but paper tissues, towels and napkins are usually thrown away together with general household waist.ID-10033266

ID-100139942Paper products are used more and more frequently because they are hygienic and, we must admit to that, practical. Still, behaving that way we contribute to the greater amount of waste and the decrease of natural resources.

In developed countries paper products make up for a substantial part of waste. For instance, if every American household used just one paper roll less, a few hundred thousand trees would be saved annually, waste quantity would decrease for as much as thousand tons of waste and disposal costs would drop by millions of dollars.

It is important to mention that average paper towel, napkin or tissue is produced using chlorine which releases harmful cancerous dioxins.

Perhaps these numbers will prompt you to use cloth towels, handkerchiefs or napkins which can be used multiple times, instead of paper ones, or to use them in moderation.

When purchasing paper products consider buying products made of recycled paper.

Translated by Martina Horvat

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