Time distance


A peek into the future…

A series of petty, annoying things we experience every day undermine our mental health. At work, we receive a remark we find improper, we are exposed to unrealistic demands, a copying machine is out of work just when we are in a hurry and need it most, while driving home we are exposed to reckless drivers, while queuing somebody rudely pushes their way ahead of us, etc…

Such events can throw us off balance and cause only additional problems if we do not see them from the right angle and if we misinterpret their true meaning. During the day we experience a number of good moments, yet we allow these annoying moments and negative feelings define our mood.

One of the options to deal with such events is to stop and take a peek into the future. Try to imagine yourself at some point in the future (for example in five years time). What an impact on our lives could this event have in five years? Will this event be as important as it is now? Of course not.

We laugh at many of them later in life and see these events exactly as we should – as a part of living, a pebble in the shoe that requires us to take off the shoe, get the stone out and just move on.
This approach allows us keep small things just as they are – small, and leaves more space for the beautiful feelings and experiences.

“Alarm Clock”  - Image courtesy of Feelart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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