Think – who could love you today?


An excellent way to achieve a peace of mind…

We think too often about people who annoy us or that we dislike for any reasons. These negative thoughts fill us with unnecessary and undesirable bitterness.

Instead, we could stop for a moment and refocus, try to stay positive, think about someone filling us with optimism, joy and positive thoughts whenever we think about them.
In this way we redirect our thoughts to nice things and with regular practice we shall certainly notice that people generally annoy us less than they used to.
We could also choose one person every day to keep in our mind and send them good thoughts (wishes). It might be, for example, a friend, a parent, a neighbour, a colleague, a person that we know is needy, a sick person, etc.

It is important to practice positive thinking – about things, people and events around us because positive thoughts encourage a range of positive processes in ourselves and around us.

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