Some tips for shopping


What to avoid…

Avoid entering stores more than once a week. If you have a shopping list you will really do the shopping once a week and thus avoid buying unnecessary things – the more you walk the aisles, the more things you will see and the more you will ‘need’.

Make a list before you go shopping – check your menus and write down a list of groceries needed.ID-100202813
The most money is spent on buying things off the list, those we decide to buy thinking we might need them, but without a real, actual need.

Do not take children to accompany you while shopping. Even the most humble and reasonable children will not be able to resist asking for some candy or other, often even for much more. This advice is particularly recommended during holidays when the products are especially attractive to children.

Find some simple recipes – ones that will provide home-made, healthy meals for your family. Luxury recipes can be an exception for holidays, birthdays, weekends etc.

You can save by buying on the website respecting your own list – you can save money and your time, especially if internet shops do not charge for the delivery.

When buying be sure to use a calculator- it can spare you from the shock at the cashiers’ after seeing the sum you need to pay.

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