Sleep deprivation causes food craving


Lack of sleep and obesity are closely related…

Various studies have indicated numerous negative health-related issues due to sleep restriction or deprivation. One of the consequences is well-illustrated by food choices.

Berkeley, University of California, has conducted a study which proved a tight correlation between sleeping and eating habits. Having analysed collected data they concluded that people suffering from sleep deprivation also show increased craving for junk food and other unhealthy foodstuff when compared to those who have had sufficient sleep.

Sleep deprivation stimulates and intensifies activities in parts of the brain responsible for motivation and longing. Insufficient sleep also increases neuron activities in certain parts of brains connected with our innate system of rewarding.

Thus sleep deprivation and obesity have shown a close relationship. Fatigue and lack of concentration (as results of sleep restriction) induce us to turn to sweet and fatty foods. This tendency can significantly affect our general health – sweet and fatty foods affect our blood pressure, occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, decreased insulin sensitivity, obesity, etc.ID-100222652

Breakfast remains the most important meal of the day. If we have breakfast we send our body a soothing message – I am fed. In terms of nutrients protein-rich ingredients are most suitable for breakfast. When we have protein-rich breakfast the feeling of being well-fed and of high energy levels keep longer and our craving for the next and additional meals decrease. Next to sleep deprivation, couch-potato type of watching TV and intake of alcoholic drinks are bad eating habits’ best “buddies”.

As you can see our living habits can stimulate appetite and increase food craving (particularly for unhealthy foods) as a reward and vice versa. If we add permanent exposure to variety of fat and sugar-saturated foods to our bad habits, there is no surprise when we see omnipresent weakness for food and obesity resulting from modern-day tendencies that have been on the rise for years now.

Changing these bad living habits can turn to our advantage. Having sufficient sleep (but not too much), reducing hours spent in front of our TV sets, decreasing consummation of alcohol, increasing physical activity, turning to eating various foods and balanced diet – all of these will provide our body with necessary nutrients and energy balance.

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