Skipping meals


Skipping meals undermines our health…

Our dieting habits match our lifestyle – speed, lack of time and innumerate obligations dictate our eating rhythm – we have our meals in a hurry, we skip meals altogether or have two meals as one, and meals we do have are frequently poor in nutrients crucial for our health.
Traditional meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – are things from the past. Trend is to skip breakfast, have something quickly underway and then keep this random and irregular dining throughout the day. When we finally reach home we are too tired and prepare and consume foods that are low in nutrients and prepared in ways additionally diminishing nutritive value.
Modern living has also decreased social element of eating – occasions when we dine in the company of other people are becoming ever less common.ID-100158745
This type of eating habits contributes to developing health problems. Apart from causing weight problems it also, contrary to common beliefs, results in indigestion or intestinal problems, quite often also in general lethargy and fatigue, etc. Meals we have underway, in inadequate conditions, slow down our metabolism.

Ideally we should have five meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two smaller meals in between. Breakfast is an absolute must. Intervals between two meals should not be too long (no more than five hours apart). Those who cannot afford to have lunch should at least make a habit of having some fruit instead and completely avoid snacks and fast food. Apart from fresh fruit, dark chocolate and various nuts are also a good option.

Instead of reducing number of meals we recommend reducing amount of calories, have meals at regular intervals and have smaller but quality meals.

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