Reaching a goal


Taking small steps…

“If you set out for a destination, and along the road you keep stopping to toss stones at every dog that barks at you, you will never reach your destination.”
On the way to realizing a certain life goal usually there are various obstacles that need to be overcome. Some of them need to be jumped over, some passed around and some ignored.

Many people give up even before they have tried to accomplish their goal. For those even the thought of possible obstacles is a reason enough to give up. Thus, unfortunately, many lose a chance to achieve something and a change for better.
Perhaps we ought to reverse the perception and break down the road to a number of smaller steps.

Goal realization does not need to be only dreadful and strenuous; it can be educative and empowering too. One needs to be open for learning, challenges, new experiences and self-inquiry.
Do not allow yourself to be pessimistic. In every opportunity a pessimist sees a problem, while an optimist sees an opportunity.

A smaller number of goals on the way to the final one can have encouraging and stimulating effect. Let’s say you want to lose 20 lbs. It sounds hard to achieve, to say at least… but if you set up a smaller goal to lose 2 lbs each month first, matters become quite different. When you achieve the first smaller goal, give yourself some praise, reward yourself, be pleased and go for the next month.

Are you dissatisfied with the work you do? Of course you will not immediately and abruptly quit. A new job is your big goal. To realize it you need to accomplish few smaller goals first. Set up the first smaller goal – carry out a detailed research on employment possibilities on a desired work, reach out to your contacts, review newspapers etc. When you have done with the first part, revise your CV; send out your job applications and so on. Step by step.

Accomplishing smaller goals on the way to the final one can be satisfying on its own. That contentment can be used as a fuel to reach further, to take the next step.

Translated by Martina Horvat

“Aims Key Shows Goals Purpose And Aspirations” - Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / 

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