Presents for Valentine’s Day


To give or not to give…

Every present should be suitable, i.e. for a particular person and for a particular reason. A Valentine’s present should be an expression of love and contain a hint of a personal touch.

Non-personal presentsID-10098634
A hair-dryer, a blender and things like these are completely practical, but completely non-personal as well. Therefore they are not suitable as Valentine’s presents, unless you are really imaginative and you can wrap them up into an absolutely imaginative story.

Senseless presents
Do not buy a bottle of spirit to a person who does not drink alcohol, an album of classical music to a person who is not into classical music, a painting to someone who does not like or appreciate art… A real nightmare are trinkets such as useless stuffed animals and figurines (usually just cheap kitsch) that people keep dragging in various nooks and corners before they finally end up in a dust bin.

Presents with a hidden agenda
Buying a present that you actually like and want to someone else is not a nice thing. It is not polite either to give presents with a subtle, or not so subtle, message or agenda (a book on dieting to a person you think should lose weight).

Presents you received from someone else
This is not necessarily a bad thing at all times, but it mostly is. It is fine to give away a box of chocolate or something similar, but Valentine’s presents should be personal gifts meant for a particular person only. What we give for Valentine’s Day should be an expression of affection.

Photos of yourself
Do not give photos featuring only you. If the person wants that very photograph they will probably ask for it. Common photos are fine in that respect. Especially if you put them into an appropriate frame.

Presents with a message
That is fun for schoolchildren. Not so much for everybody else. Presents with some sexual connotations are particularly “out”.

Handbooks, help-books, etc.
Some other occasion – fine, Valentine’s Day – absolutely no!

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