Planning the future


What matters?

Nobody can predict the future and know what to expect. Furthermore, nobody can or even should think of everything that might happen in the future. However, there are certain things we should take care of in advance and prevent at least some of the difficulties the future might bring.
Saving for retirement, health insurance, life insurance, home insurance and similar are just some of the things we should think about ahead.

Without a strategy of saving and investing, and without a quality financial plan, the future we can be very uncertain. The future is uncertain anyway; however with some assurance, we can provide for some more certainty and security.

Begin by asking yourself what is important to you about the future. What can’t you do without? What are you afraid of? What if you get sick? If you take an early retirement? Who will take care of you? Will your pension be sufficient for your living expenses?
We should have an answer to all of these and other similar questions.

Some people find pensions important, others their children’s education, some save for “rainy days”, others spend all of their money and live from one paycheck to the next, some plan, and some do not.

We live in times of frequent crises, rapid changes and huge turbulences in the market. We must become aware that each of us individually must take care of our future.

People retiring today can expect a pension amounting to 40% of their present salary. Therefore, you should save or invest money in order to improve the financial situation when retired.

“Past Present And Future Signpost”- Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

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