People around us


Reconsider the people in your life…

Who are the top three (or five, doesn’t matter) people in your life? Are they supportive, positive, motivating…? How do you feel in their company? Do they drag you down, depress you and make you feel bad about yourself?ID-100169625

People we spend the most time with affect the way we feel and types of experiences we attract in our lives. Therefore, we should think over – who are these people?

If we want to attract happiness and positive air, action and love and all kinds of positive emotions and events, we have to surround ourselves with people bearing these qualities; with those representing and living in that way. Those people radiate and spread positive energy.

Reconsider the people in your life and keep in mind that happiness attracts happiness, love attracts love…

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“Brother And Sisters Gesturing” - Image courtesy of artur84 / 

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