Paper recycling


One ton (1000 kg) of collected paper saves about 17 trees …

… two barrels of oil, 4,100 kilowatts of energy and 30 pounds of pollution is prevented!
Magazines, books, packages, cardboard boxes, printing paper, documents… Paper is used for many purposes.
We all know that paper is made from wood. The main raw material for the poorer types of paper is softwood, whereas finer is made of wood cellulose.
Newsprint is mainly produced from wood residues generated from combing forests, from milling remnants and recycling of old newsprint from which ink was removed.ID-100175992
If we leave paper in containers for paper recycling, this paper is going to be transported to facilities for recycling. When disposing of waste paper and cardboard in appropriate containers, it is important not to insert other inappropriate waste.

Then browsing, sorting, adding water and mulching follow. Metal parts are removed. The resulting mixture is called the pulp. Then, in order to make brighter and whiter paper, the procedure demands separation of ink and printing colours. Production of recycled paper requires significantly less energy and water then paper made from wood.

For comparison:

To produce one ton of paper you need:

• Four trees
• 200,000 litres of water
• 4,600 kWh of energy

For one ton of recycled paper:

• not a single tree
• 160 litres of water
• 2,400 kWh of energy

Recycled paper is used for the production of new magazines, newspapers, books and various other paper products.
Paper, unfortunately, cannot be recycled indefinitely. Paper can be recycled up to seven times before it breaks down.

Multi-layer packaging (carton, plastic, metallic or oiled paper and photography) should be disposed of in containers for mixed waste or broken down into layers and then each layer (paper, polyethylene film and aluminium foil) disposed in separate (provided for this type of materials) containers at the recycling yard.

People who live in small apartments are forced to dispose of their waste regularly. If you can manage some extra space perhaps you can collect more significant quantities of paper for buy-off. In any case, the amount of household waste is significantly reduced if we recycle paper. In the future we will pay a higher price for a larger amount of waste. That is one more reason to adopt good recycling habits as soon as possible.

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