Not a crumb left…


We waste too much food…

You can surely find some food in your refrigerator with expiry date long gone, withered vegetables, old bread or rolls leftovers… Waste of money. A slap into the face of the nature and ingratitude for the goods we are able to enjoy.

Merely 40% of households eat all the bread they buy, which means that we throw away an unthinkable amount of bread! Crisis or not, we should all take care to use up all the food we buy (or get). Alarm of our own consciousness should not go off only when we see pictures of starving children. All of us, whether on a tight budget or not, should be respectful for food provided and not waste it or throw it away.
It is all about planning.ID-100151456

We can start by creating menus for a few days in advance. This, however, is no guarantee of success because some members may change their routine (e.g. having business lunch in the restaurant), but we shall certainly waste less food.

Our grandmothers were excellent in preparing dishes from leftovers. We are nowadays much more spoilt and pickier and we tend to choose easier and faster solutions. Sometimes it is necessary and justified, but in many cases it is a result of indolence.

Do not throw food away! The Internet is packed with recipes. It is enough to type in a kind of food available and you will find many ways (recipes) how to use it. Sometimes the most delicious meals are created in the most modest conditions. Use your imagination, try out something new and eventually you will create your own, new recipes.

Especially suitable for storing are the following ingredients: grains, legumes, stock or broth, pasta. Sometimes you can cook a larger amount of some dish to save the cooking time the next day.
And another important note: do not throw food, but do not eat everything when not hungry either. If you cannot use all the food, and you are not really hungry, it is better to throw it away than to overeat.

“A Broken Slice Of Crispbread” - Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane /
“Fresh And Homemade White Bread Called Baguette”  - Image courtesy of artur84 /


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