Natural cleaning agents


Kill bacteria effectively…

The amount of various chemicals we use for cleaning is so immense that they damage our skin if we do not wear rubber gloves, and they bleach our clothes if an accidental drop falls onto them. Thinking about the number of people using these kinds of products, the places where these products end up and what kind of world we leave for our kids is frightening.ID-100132236
Vinegar is such a strong disinfectant capable of killing most of bacteria (about 90%) and the rest is just enough for us not to create a too sterile environment.
Baking soda and kitchen salt are also natural abrasive agents (they can be used for scrubbing and removing bigger stains) and powerful disinfectants.
Lemon is a very strong disinfectant – its juice makes every bathtub, lavatory and toilet shine.
These are products which, when combined with a little liquid soap or washing detergent (for those who miss the foaming effect) can easily cope effectively with any dirt.

translated by Tena Simek

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