Natural agents for fresh and fragrant home


Natural and easy to obtain…

The number of agents we use to clean our homes is continuously growing bigger. Apart from a significant contribution to environment pollution, all of those agents are rather expensive. With a few tips you can avoid buying them and have a fresh and fragrant home.

Baking soda
Apart from its cleaning capacity, baking soda is excellent at absorbing odours. It is convenient for the fridge (you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice in the container with soda), for the bathroom or food cabinets. You can dissolve soda in some water, add a few drops of essential oil, pour it into a spraying bottle and disperse it into the air.

Alcohol (white) vinegar
Vinegar is an excellent agent for cleaning your home and removal of unpleasant smells. Dilute it with water, add a few drops of essential oil, pour into a spraying bottle and spay it over surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, work tops, floors, etc.

Essential oils
Add 10-20 drops of essential oil (lavender, orange, mint, eucalyptus, vanilla, etc) into 100ml of water. Put it an appropriate container and leave it to evaporate (place it, for example, in the bathroom – leave it on the window sill or on a shelf). Or pour it into a spraying bottle and disperse it occasionally into the air.
You can add essential oils into humidifiers (mostly simple radiator humidifiers or electric air humidifiers).
When washing the floors, add about 20 drops of essential oil (lavender or eucalyptus) into lukewarm water. Your floors will be disinfected and they will smell nicely.
Wipe your garbage bin with a mixture of water and essential oils and then put some baking soda at the bottom.

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