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Powerful antioxidant…

Matcha tea is green tea produced in Japan provinces of Nishio and Uji (near Kyoto). It is known from the traditional Japanese tea ceremony preparation, present in Japan for already more than 800 years. Zen monks use it during meditation. The Japanese green tea is undoubtedly the best and the most healing green tea in the world.

ID-100238167After manual harvesting of the dark green leaves follow procedures of steaming, drying and grinding in a stone mill in order to obtain distinctive fine green powder which is prepared into highly appreciated tea.
Matcha tea is rich in a number of valuable ingredients and has a high therapeutic quality. There are two types of Matcha tea: Usucha – produced from leaves of plants under the age of 30, and Koicha – produced from plants over 30, which is prepared with less water and has a sweeter taste, it is more appreciated and more expensive.


Don’t use boiling water, and it is good to have a matcha pot and a bamboo whisk (known as Cha – sen). We boil water to about 60°C, add 1-2 g matcha powder into the water and gently stir until it starts to foam (the firmer the foam, the better the tea).
The flavour of this tea is light and somewhat bitter. Always prepare fresh tea. Using careful preparation at the exact temperature and proper length of steeping leaves you will get the best of it.

It is packaged in vacuum containers and after first opening it must be stored in the refrigerator to ensure the freshness is maintained and precious ingredients are not lost.
For true fans of this tea this beverage is a source of physiological, but also mental and spiritual strength. It contains catechin (a bioflavonoid), carotene and vitamins A, B, C and E. The temperatures at which the tea is prepared do not reduce the effectiveness of vitamin C.

Matcha is used as a supplement to some dishes in both Japan and Europe – in desserts, ice cream, chocolate, dairy products, etc.
Matcha tea increases energy, cleanses the body, strengthens the metabolic system and burns fat. It helps in stroke and heart attack prevention. It prevents the development of cancer cells and therefore is used in the prevention and in the treatment of the disease.

Drinking green tea can protect against viruses and gargling it can alleviate symptoms of colds and sore throats. If drunk after meals it removes bacteria that cause periodontal disease and caries.
Drinking this tea noticeably improves concentration and memory.

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