Maintaining carpets


Vacuuming is essential to maintain the carpets…

New carpet should be vacuumed frequently to stop molting giving out lint. Vacuuming should be done thoroughly and frequently, because removing impurities slows spending carpet. Dust and dirt are retained in the carpet and that could damage the underside of the carpet. Families with small children should vacuum everyday and others at least once a week. Stains should be removed immediately after the occurrence.
If you want your carpet to last longer and stay nice, it is recommended not to walk on it wearing shoes, and especially not wearing the shoes you wear outside.

A few tips for maintaining:

• vacuum slowly crossing the carpet surfaces.
• An hour before vacuuming salt the carpet.
• An iron, which is held above the carpet can help you to lift the sagging fibers on the carpet.
• Put an ice cube in the dents in the carpet and let it melt on the carpet.
• Unpleasant odors from carpets can be removed with baking soda and cloves. Mix baking soda with a few cloves, sprinkle on the carpet and let it stand overnight. Vacuum the next day.
Beautiful, quality carpets can be quite expensive. Proper and thorough care can prolong the life of the carpet and so justify the investment.

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