Love for money


Do not let your income determine your expenses…

Money is not the root of all evil, but greediness for money is. 80 per cent of people end up in jail because of a money related crimes – robberies, thefts, burglaries, forging, etc.
Greed is not only a thirst for money or wealth, but giving more value to money than to life values.

With billions invested, marketing is a bad influence, leading us to believe that, in order to be happy, we must have the latest car model, the newest cosmetics, or the best toys. Commercials telling us make-believe stories of how to be happy are the real source of our misery.

Everybody is mad about money and possessions. Wealth is measured through permanently rising standards, while it is a fact that the more one makes, the more one spends.
People living in slums and cheap flats have more electronic devices than those living in such conditions some fifty years ago. Does that make them happier?

Money cannot buy happiness or health. That does not mean that wealth and money exclude happiness though. No, money can be very useful. It is the love of money that is a problem.
The happiest people are not those in possession of the best and the most expensive objects, but those who can do the best out of what they have. People who can manage to live so that they control the money and not the other way around, whose expenses are not determined solely by their income, but by their life values, can find true happiness.

Do not forget: things you think you hold in possession, possess you instead…

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