How to freeze eggs?


Do you have a larger amount of fresh eggs at hand?

You can freeze them and in order to do so, please stick to the following instructions:

  • eggs must be completely fresh
  • do not freeze them in eggshells
  • egg yolks and egg whites can be frozen together or separately
  • in order to establish their freshness, break each egg separately into a bowl
  • if you freeze whole eggs, mix them into a smooth mixture (do not beat them)
  • if you freeze whites and yolks separately, mix yolks gently with a pinch of salt (or sugar, depending on their later purpose)
  • you can freeze eggs in appropriate plastic boxes that can seal well, or you can even use ice cube trays for this purpose
  • label egg containers with the exact date of freezing, number of eggs and their additions (salt or sugar). Frozen eggs can keep 8 to 10 months.

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