How to deal with critics


Constructive or not, we should know how to deal with critics…

A critic is, just like praise, a part of living and working. Dealing with critics is extremely important aspect of a personal success. We could say that there are two kinds of critics: constructive and destructive ones.
Constructive critics is given in good faith, it is positive and motivating, it offers solutions to problems and should have a positive impact on our behaviour or our performance in some aspect of work or life.

A constructive critic is usually given tactfully and in an acceptable manner. It shows us what we should change in your behaviour or the way in which we should perform a particular job in order to be more successful, better, more efficient…
Such critic should be received as a positive one and when faced with one we should try to listen to what the other person says, not instinctively defend nor justify ourselves (this usually is our first reaction).

Accepting constructive critics helps grow confidence among colleagues, and co-operation is significantly better.ID-100113739
A destructive critic definitely is not positive. It is one that is directed to destroy, it is unfounded and malevolent. These types of critics are mainly small and insignificant complaints intended to provoke resistance and harm. The aim of destructive criticism is to debase the person to whom it is addressed, undermine their confidence, and hurt them.
If we react impulsively and try to defend and justify ourselves, we then allow the critics to achieve one of their goals. If we stay calm and stable, we have an advantage.
We should try to ignore politely the destructive criticism. Our self-esteem plays an important role here and controlling our physical reaction significantly reduces our vulnerability to criticism.

People often criticise because they believe that by reducing the value of other person they will increase their own; often there is jealousy and envy among peers, subordinates and superiors, co-workers, hidden desire to be in the position of the other person, etc.
In any case, we are all every now and then exposed to critics of both types. Success in business depends largely on how we deal with it.
The best we can do is not to take criticism personally and distinguish between constructive and destructive ones. When provoked we should stop and think: „What does this bring to me? What can I learn from this?”
Cool down your emotions, calmly form your answer and then react. Welcome and accept constructive critics because this allows positive adjustments in behaviour, politely ignore the destructive ones.

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