How to celebrate Valentine’s Day


Express your love and affection…

A Valentine card
Buying cards is the first step. Do it in time. What you are about to write on it will show your loved one how much you care. Make an effort. Find a nice poem or a saying if you are not such a talented author yourself. Internet will help you there.

This does not sound overly romantic, but talking about the topic some days before the occasion can be very useful. Especially if you are not a subtle person and you cannot figure out yourself what the other party is expecting for the day.

Buying presents
Think what the person you are buying for really likes. The price tag is not a token of love. An effort and the time you put in it are much more appreciated. Try being personal, original, make something of your own. Presents are a nice thing, but the experience is what will be remembered.

If you are not a romantic type – try a little, love is romantic. A candle-lit dinner, some nice music, dimmed lights, some rose petals… Do not initiate conversations about work or problems. Forget about work and devote yourselves to each other. Remember dear moments from your past, go through your photo albums, make plans for the future…
Remind each other why you are together.

If you have mutual journey plans, plans for taking care of your pets or if you know the other person is keen on buying or doing something, Valentine’s Day is the right time to make this come true. You can even do such shopping together (thus giving the other person opportunity to pick out their gift themselves, such as a pet), and the surprise may be in blindfolding the person, taking a taxi to the particular place, etc.

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