How to be a good colleague


And to create a good atmosphere at work…

We can pick our friends, not colleagues. We spend most of time at work and we need to cope with our colleagues in many ways. Good atmosphere at work is motivating, people perform their jobs better, and colleagues cooperate better. Working in a pleasant work environment is very important in many ways.

How can we contribute to a good atmosphere at work?
Smile and say hello as you arrive in the morning. Just a little courtesy can do amazing things among people. Spread goodwill and cheer. Share your lunch box with a colleague, bring coffee to another.

Learn the skill of a small talk. People like when someone shows interest in them and feel more comfortable being in a company of such a person. It does not have to be anything very personal – ask about their favourite hobbies, films, interests… Talking about private life reminds people that all of us are persons with private lives, not just employees.

Accept well-intentioned jokes and teasing among colleagues. Teasing and joking is a very good way to set a good atmosphere. Teasing must be good-natured, not personal or provoking, it should not make anyone uncomfortable or violated.
Ask your colleagues for advice, their opinion or ideas how to deal with some problems, etc. Thank sincerely for advice or help even if it was not really helpful.

Compliment your colleagues on their achievements – professional or personal. Try to notice other peoples’ achievements, even small ones.
Don’t make conclusions about things you are not sure of. For instance, we are likely to believe that other work less even if we are not sure about their work. Think positive and try to believe that everyone works to their best or try to do so, at least.

Express your ideas (or opinions) in an acceptable way, showing to your colleagues that you allow others to contribute or to complement it.
Give credit to ones that deserve it and if someone gives you credit undeservedly, let your colleagues know who really deserves it. These things have positive impact on confidence among colleagues and people remember it.

Avoid gossiping. Talking behind someone’s back is an expression of poor behaviour. Encouraging others to gossip is also bad. Colleagues should nurture trust and mutual respect.
Try to answer when asked, return calls and e-mail promptly. By doing so you will show your colleagues respect for their time and efforts at work.
Avoid hard debates and conflicts. Always try to stay calm and professional, without responding to provocations, anger, unfounded accusations, etc.

Be punctual. This way you show your respect for other people’s time.
If you are in a superior position always work at least as hard as anyone working with or for you, and never ask anyone to do something you would not be willing to do yourself.

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