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  • Green up your home

    Some easy, green choices… Apart from recycling, simple, everyday things can contribute to a greener home and a greener planet….

  • Knives – Maintenance

    For Your Knives’ Better and Longer Service Life… We recommend using wooden or polypropylene cutting boards. Cutting boards made of…

  • Natural cleaning agents

    Kill bacteria effectively… The amount of various chemicals we use for cleaning is so immense that they damage our skin…

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  • Broken energy-efficient light bulbs

    What to do… As of September 2012 EU countries banned production of incandescent light bulbs with filament wires. They were…

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  • Total sale

    Tips on how to buy wisely and save money… Determine your budget and make a list of items you need….

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  • Use of paper products

    Such as napkins, paper towels, paper tissues… Paper industry is the third industrial sector by its contribution to the global…

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  • Some tips for shopping

    What to avoid… Avoid entering stores more than once a week. If you have a shopping list you will really do…

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  • Maintaining carpets

    Vacuuming is essential to maintain the carpets… New carpet should be vacuumed frequently to stop molting giving out lint. Vacuuming…

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  • Buying

    Conscientious and environmental friendly… Wide choices, advertisements, colourful and beautiful window displays keep calling us and enticing us to go…

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