Food ecology


Health of an individual cannot be separated from the health of the whole food chain…

Health disorders of a part of the food chain affect everyone in it. If the soil is contaminated or poor, the plants growing there will be affected, along with the cattle grazing there and people eating their meat or drinking their milk. The connection between food and those eating it creates a complex two-way communication channels within food chains. Therefore senses of members of certain species are taught to recognize and differentiate appropriate foods by its taste, smell or colour.

ID-10023133The “signals” are often emitted by the food itself – i.e. when it wants to be eaten. Fruit signal their ripeness by well-known smell, colour or taste. Ripeness marking the moment when seed is ready to sprout mostly coincides with the moment when fruit contains the highest concentration of nutrients, thus the needs of a plant to procreate coincides with the needs of those eating them (the need for nourishment).
After receiving these signals and recognizing the ripeness of such fruit, our bodies produce exactly those enzymes and acids required for their digestion.

Our health depends greatly on its ability to interpret these biological signals, which is of course much simpler if we have experienced food, but also much more difficult with foods that were industrially processed and enhanced and designed in order to trick our senses (using artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, etc.).

Foods “lying” to our senses is one of the most prominent features of contemporary, fast dieting habits of western culture. Here we are talking about processed, industrially produced foods, worldwide offered in fancy containers and with loads of health statements (Low or No fats! Rich in omega-3 fatty acids! Full of vitamins and minerals! Etc.).ID-100201256

Advantages of food produced from healthy soil as compared with those grown with the usage of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and similar, are immense. Soils rich in organic matters produce food richer in nutrients. Processed or industrially produced food make up for the lack of nutrients by enhancing it, which brings us back to synergy (mutual influencing of nutrients in food) and tricking our senses.

Therefore, whenever you are given the opportunity, use fresh ingredients, food that has been processed as little as possible, buy from local producers, prepare your own meals and eat slowly… By sticking to only a few simple directions you will find yourself on the right track.

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