Encourage Children To Be Gentle


Kindness and tenderness toward each other…

Your actions show children the best how to behave towards each other.
What you should absolutely avoid doing is the following:
Do not ally with one child against the other one. Do not accidentally join a tease that looks harmless – this way you show that teasing is sometimes okay, which is not. Besides, you should be your children’s biggest supporter.

Do not speak badly about your own children, especially not in front of their siblings. That does not mean you will fail to be realistic or aware of their flaws. However, do not bring these flaws out in the open for everyone to hear because, if the children overhear it, they might be offended or hurt. Therefore, the things you cannot say publicly, do not say in secrecy either.

Children learn compassion through a natural process – if you share hugs and kisses abundantly. When you notice your children expressing emotions toward each other, show them your joy about it; encourage them to do it often. You setting them a positive example will let them know that showing emotions is good and natural.

Teach the children to be gentle – show them how to caress a smaller child; take a smaller child’s hand and caress the bigger child with it. While doing it, talk in the name of a smaller child: ”Brother/sister, I love you very much. I am so happy to have you. I am so happy when I get to play with you.”

Nourish your family unity. It grows through family meetings, small family routines that are practiced together, through sharing and carrying out family responsibilities and through every joy or pain family members share and share them openly.

“Children In The Park”- Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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