Creative corner

  • Felt pilows

    Butterflies, cats, hearts, cupcakes, owls… This adorable little felt cows (or other kind of things) can be made into brooch…

  • Golden Easter

    For those who love gold… You can simply colour eggs in gold, as well the nest or the basket. Easy…

  • Decoupage technique

    Makeover… This technique originates from ancient China and it spread thereof throughout the world. Venetian masters used this technique to…

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  • Instead of curtains

    Imaginative and practical solution… I do not like curtains. I like a lot of light and transparent, self-adhesive foil solved…

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  • A balloon with a character

    Must-have props for birthday celebrations and similar events… For children’s birthday you can give character to balloons – let it…

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  • Small black ants

    Small hard-workers… These hard-working, small animals are very dear to children. They can be an inspiration for some creative work….

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  • Colourful flowers

    Colour over colour … Paper of various colors, thickness and texture can make interesting combinations. With the addition of textile,…

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