Break at Work


Shorter than ever…

Surveys carried out with the employed people report that only one fifth of employees use their lunch break entirely.
Deadlines, pressure, excessive workload are pointed out as reasons for ever shorter breaks or renunciation of breaks altogether and eating at the desk, mostly in front of a computer.
The majority of interviewees say they do not renounce their break voluntarily but only under the work pressure. In order to have the job done by the specified time, they feel they need to renounce the break or at least have it while continuing to work.
Approximately 15% of interviewees say they renounce their break voluntarily in order to impress superiors or to show how hardworking and admirable employees they are.

To have the work done on time, people deny themselves more than 100 hours of break time during the year, which is almost 15 working days.
The question is, how long can it go for? Breaks have their purpose. It is well known that every individual, after certain amount of hours and focus, needs rest. Skipping meals, eating quickly in front of a computer and not using necessary rest take their toll.
Ever growing number of young people suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, headaches and other diseases that are linked to the lack of rest, increased levels of stress and pressure.

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