As we sow…


So shall we reap …

If we sow the seeds of domination and exclusion, we lose intelligence and compassion, and life becomes a tough fight. This universal spiritual teaching, found in almost all religions, is based on the belief that we are all interconnected. This truth is interpreted positively, as the golden rule (do to others what you want them to do to you) and neutral as the law of cause and effect (what we do to others shall come back).

Simply said, we cannot expect happiness if we cause pain and suffering to others, we cannot expect freedom by capturing others, to be healthy by causing disease or to establish peace if we are violent towards others and cause them to fear.
Buddhists say that the seeds we sow and nurture by our own hands, words and spirit will grow and we shall feel its fruits in our lives as abundance, joy, love and inner peace or anger, misery, poverty.

„Blessed are the merciful” the New Testament says, „for they shall obtain mercy.”
When we free others, we become free ourselves; when we love others, we become beloved; when we encourage others, we receive encouragement; when we bless others, we get a blessing; when we bring joy and healing, we find joy and healing in our own lives.

An excerpt from Will Tuttle’s book “Food for Peace”.

“Hands Holding Seedleng” - Image courtesy of adamr /

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