A Stress Caused by the Lack of Money


A Rapidly Increasing Disorder…

This kind of stress is a new type of contemporary anxious disorder. It is a new epidemic that has even been given a name by American Psychological Association as MAD (Money Anxiety Disorder). People are concerned about their jobs and their country’s stability, which has extremely adverse influences on both individual health and family relations. People are constantly exposed to a lasting panic which then leads to a number of diseases – from high blood pressure to cardiac diseases.

People have been relying on money much too often as a replacement for many things in life. Now when the money is scarce, it is hard to deal with it.
There are many financial experts’ tips on how to handle this type of stress. The science has shown that a work-out, meditation and spirituality are three most efficient ways to reduce stress. Under a psychotherapist’s guidance, The Circles Association organises workshops titled Lessons on Meditation and Psychotherapy Talks.

The problem arises when people are under so much pressure that they do not have the strength to even try to use one of these suggestions. It is helpful to see a psychotherapist on a few occasions so that the person can grow stronger and start practicing these methods.

The list of specific health benefits as a result of regular meditation and prayer practice is long: decreased anxiety, less pain, alleviation of depression symptoms, reduced stress, overcoming insomnia, reduced symptoms of chronic diseases such as cardiac disease, cancer, HIV, etc; blood pressure reduction, slower heart rhythm, decrease of free radicals that cause tissue damage, lower levels of cholesterol, enhanced air inflow into the lungs.

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