A partner in the first place


Sometimes the slightest and benign neglect can ruin a relationship…

We are usually most kind to complete strangers and we pay most attention to people we work with. But actually we should be nicest to our partners. In the crazed, everyday life and complex net of our quotidian lives loaded with obligations and worries we tend to forget how important that is – being nice to our partners and show them our attention.

He or she is there, we take each other for granted, what is there to be grateful for, what is there to say, ask…
Too often do we actually ignore partners we live with, we fail to say something nice, fail to express our gratitude, and even fail to listen. As if they were not so important.

A relationship cannot prosper if partners are not polite, caring or thoughtful to each other.
Be careful to each other. Make a compliment. Give a hug. Give them a present as a token of your affection (it need not be anything grand).
Ask questions and listen with interest. Find some time for each other, be there for one another.
Sometimes the slightest and what seems benign neglect can ruin a relationship.

“Young Couple Piggy Backing”- Image courtesy of photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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